‘Tilling Tea and Cake’ – Tilling Green Community Centre.

Pssst, have you heard the word? It’s all happening down at Tilling Green Community Centre !

Join us at the Community Centre from 10.00am -12.00pm. Enjoy a fresh cuppa, fresh coffee and Freshly baked cakes.

Our meeter and greeter – Miriam McGuirk ( below left – a frustrated butlin’s redcoat) will make you feel welcome:

Talk with Dr Sarah Jacques – Sussex Outreach Support (SOS) who will provide Health & Wellbeing advice along with representatives of other organisations.
In December, 23 guests joined us and had the opportunity to speak to :
CAB1066, Fire & Rescue, the Police and Cllr Cheryl Creaser joined us. Guests were grateful for the advice provided and follow ups were agreed.

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Each month, it is out intention to invite an organisations/s to attend to help you – the guest. If you would like a specific organisation to attend, to provide advice, please contact: chris@fair.org.uk or Tel: 01797 458832.

Remember, It’s a Saturday Social open to everyone, come and see what it’s about, we look forward to meeting you there.

‘Tilling Tea and Cake’ – Tilling Green Community Centre.