Tilling, Tea and Cake – March 16th – 10-12pm – Update

Looking forward to our monthly Saturday Social – ‘Tilling, Tea and Cake’ – from 10 – 12pm where we will be providing our usual warm welcome.
Over our first 4 events, 122 people have joined us.

Our ‘Meeter and Greeter’  – Miriam will welcome you and ensure you receive a fresh cup of tea or coffee along with a delicious cake or scone.

Cakes and Pastries

Each month, Rye businesses are always extremely generous in supporting us with their delicious freshly baked cakes and scone:

This month, our ‘One big FAiR’ thank yous go to:Haydens: https://www.haydensinrye.co.uk/
Old Borough Arms: https://www.oldborougharms.co.uk/
Jempsons:  https://www.jempsons.com/store/the-rye-bakery/ 
Cornish Bakery: https://thecornishbakery.com/

Joining us to provide advice on prevention around your Health & Wellbeing will be Dr Sarah Jacques – Sussex Outreach Support (SOS)  / Social Prescriber- Emma from the Rye Medical Centre / Julie a volunteer with https://www.atouchofgentleness.org/gentleness will be providing hand massages to the lucky few.

Do you like playing Chess?
David Beaton will join us to tell you about the new club he is setting up to meet in Rye.

‘Rye Repair Shop’ or a ‘Shed’.
Dominic Manning will talk about about a proposed

Each month, it is out intention to invite an organisations/s to attend to help you – the guest. If you would like a specific organisation to attend, to provide advice, please contact: chris@fair.org.uk or Tel: 01797 458832.

Remember, It’s a Saturday Social open to everyone, come and see what it’s about, we look forward to meeting you there.


Tilling, Tea and Cake – March 16th – 10-12pm – Update