Positive feedback from our guest’s attending ‘Tilling, Tea and Cake’

The following is a selection of some of the feedback received over the last 4 months:

“Thank you for taking care of us and giving us such a warm welcome.”

“People of a certain age are often forgotten – but not here at FAiR this morning.
Next time I shall bring my friend.”

“Oh how wonderful to see such a great mix of people.”

“The room was filled with a special energy. Great decorations too – I hardly recognised this room.”

“What a treat for me this morning. This afternoon, I shall enjoy another cup of tea and a piece of my favourite cake. Thank you for the goody cake bag.”

“A memorable morning and shared moments. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.”

“I felt nervous walking into a crowded room. Feeling the warm welcome and friendliness, meant I relaxed. My anxiety fell away. I cannot believe I sat at a table, and joined an animated chatty group of people. I shall definitely attend on December 16th.”

“Well done for inviting Sally-Ann Hart. It gave me an opportunity to bend her ear on some local problems.”

Join us every 3rd Saturday of each month – 10-12pm at Tilling, Green Community Centre. 

Future Dates: 

March 16th / April 20th / May 18th / June 15th – King’s Birthday. 

Remember, It’s a Saturday Social open to everyone, come and see what it’s about, we look forward to meeting you there.

Watch our Social Media for updates. 

Positive feedback from our guest’s attending ‘Tilling, Tea and Cake’