April 20th – Tilling, Tea and Cake, Scams and a lot more…..

Our second highest attendance (36) at Tilling, Tea and Cake on Saturday.
The monthly event is becoming known as a safe social space that offers the opportunity for our guests to listen to Health & Wellbeing advice and support provided by a wide variety of organisations based across eastern Rother.

Add to this a decorated room, a warm welcome by our ‘Meeter and Greeter’ Miriam and 6 volunteers pouring fresh tea, coffee, cutting slices of delicious cakes, platefuls of savoury scones and sausage rolls with tomato ketchup, fresh croissants – adds up to an enjoyable 2 hours – according to our guests.

We are extremely grateful to Kate at Haydens who generously supports us each month. She prepared fresh delicious sausage rolls (with Tommy ketchup), savoury scones, and plain, almond and blueberry croissants. How lucky we are.
You can find Haydens at 108 High St Rye.
Jempsons kindly provided a Carrot cake and a Ginger cake – Thank you.

Chris introduced the following organisations:

Age UkTracy – scams!
Spoke about the clever tricks that scammers use by telephone, text, email and knocking on your front door suggesting your roof needs fixing or tidying up your garden, driveway, pathway. The word ‘Beware’ at all times – if you are not sure, leave it, and remember no Fraud department of a bank will ring you. And if you are concerned ring back on the bank’s official number or ask a friend.

GP – Dr Sarah Jacques – Sussex Outreach Support (SOS) spoke about her new mobile bus – coming soon – which will allow her to go to villages where support is thin on the ground or in some cases, non existent. A much needed service which FAiR supports whole heartedly.

Local First Responders – Tracy and Nick spoke about their role – their ability to attend an incident quickly – assess – provide advice to the patient and to the emergency services.

PCSO’s Luke and Emma mingled with the guests to listen to their concerns.

Dena Smith Ellis – Chair of the Community Garden and a Board Certified – Health & Wellbeing Coach.
Dena has offered to set up a coaching group or is happy to come along to Tilling, Tea and Cake and sit quietly with anyone to have a conversation.

You can read more about our previous Tilling, Tea and Cakeshere.
Here is a list of future events – 3rd Saturday each month:

April 20th – Tilling, Tea and Cake, Scams and a lot more…..